Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Post

Hello, and welcome to the Western Movie Project. I am Jimmy West, and over the next few months or years or however long it takes, myself and my colleagues will attempt to discover which was truly the best movie of a certain year. We will do this by watching each movie nominated for the Oscar award for Best Picture that year, as well as a few other quality films that missed the cut, and then giving our impressions of each film on this blog. After we have watched the movies that we have selected for viewing, we will rank each movie, and try to come up with a consensus for which film was the best for that year. The first year in film that we will undertake is 1980, and the first film that we will watch is Raging Bull, so over the next couple of days or so be on the lookout as we share our impressions of Raging Bull.  

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